The cotton sector RD&E strategy has been developed through a Working Group involving Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC), Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre (Cotton CRC), Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD), CSIRO, R&I Committee, and cotton focussed universities.

The cotton sector is regionally based and market focused. As such, the future industry success of the sector lies around ensuring that cotton meets the needs of cotton farmers, (regional) communities, government and markets in terms of sustainability, competitiveness, productivity and profitability. The role of RD&E is to generate knowledge which can be applied to improve cotton plants, farming systems, catchments, communities and markets.

The vision of this Strategy is: ‘Australia cotton, carefully grown, naturally world’s best’, with the attributes of differentiated, responsible, tough, successful, respected and capable. The future success of Australian cotton and achievement of this vision will require RD&E to deliver on-going gains through the following RD&E priorities identified in the strategy:

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