The purpose of the strategy is to develop and implement systems and structures that boost the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of the Australian wine industry through access to highly efficient, collaborative and multi-disciplinary RD&E across the whole value chain.

The centrepiece of the strategy is a proposed structure and system with:

The National Wine Research Network will be a forum for wine research and development providers to share research and information, to encourage consultation, coordination and communication amongst research and development providers and to be a point of contact for industry bodies.

The National Wine Extension and Innovation Network will coordinate wine industry extension and innovation services to ensure those services are delivered in the most speedy, client-focused and cost-effective manner.

The National Research Coordination Forum will lead, coordinate and link the parts of the system. It will provide a regular high-level forum of wine industry leaders, researchers, funders, government agencies, regions and extension and innovation service providers to ensure that wine RD&E is responsive to industry requirements and is conducted and delivered in the most efficient and effective manner.

For more information please contact Kerry Porter (SARDI)

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