Water Use in Agriculture

The scope of this strategy encompasses RD&E directly addressing on-farm water management or agricultural water management at the farm level and up to sub-catchment or irrigation scheme level. This strategy includes both rainfed and irrigated agriculture. The emphasis is on RD&E to help achieve farming systems with high water use efficiency and productivity per unit of water used.

The RD&E objectives are as follows:

  1. Modernise irrigation systems and practices by developing flexible irrigation strategies that are designed around soil, crop, irrigation supply (quantity and quality) and management constraints
  2. Increase the productivity of water in rain-fed agriculture by better adapting to seasonal variability in rainfall and maximising its use (also applies to irrigated systems)
  3. Facilitate getting knowledge into practice and building human capacity by designing and implementing programs that reduce the cost and increase the rate of adoption of new technologies by farmers
  4. Improve the capacity to inform planning and policy related to agricultural water use
  5. Manage water use in agriculture to minimise adverse impacts.

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