Framework Outcomes

  1. To provide shared strategic directions and priorities for national and sector level primary industries RD&E in Australia that enhance the productivity and resiliance of Australia's primary industries;
  2. Research capability will more comprehensively and holistically cover the present and future strategic needs of stakeholders nationally;
  3. Public research capability will become more integrated, interdependent and specialised, and have larger critical mass with less fragmentation across the nation;
  4. Efficiency and effectiveness of RD&E will be improved and as a consequence returns on investment will improve;
  5. RD&E investment will improve the capability of the national system in priority areas and ensure effective and efficient use of resources, including infrastructure;
  6. The Parties will collaborate to retain and build capability in fields strategically important to their jurisdictions and industries;
  7. The national research capability will be an integral component of a wider innovation agenda, supporting development and extension; and
  8. Research undertaken in one location will be developed and extended nationally for primary industries.